50cc Scooter Performance Parts You Need to Have

If you’ve got a 50cc scooter, you know that they’re fun, practical — and pretty flippin’ sweet. There usually comes a day, though, where you ask for a bit more from your scooter.

It might be that you’re looking for more storage space. Perhaps a part broke and you need an upgrade. Maybe you just want to push it to the limit.

We get it. That’s why we put together this list of 50cc scooter performance parts that you can’t live without!

We’re going to help you take your 50cc scooter to the next level — take notes!

What To Look For In 50cc Scooter Performance Parts

Before we get to the must-haves, first think about what you want out of your modification.

Is it power? Is it speed? Keep in mind that although you can modify it to tear down the asphalt, most states make you keep it to around 30 MPH.

Another thing to consider – weight. Factor your own weight and the weight of your modifications into the overall scheme of things.

Weighing down your ride isn’t all bad – some think it gives you more traction and grip on the street.

44mm Performance Stroker Crank

The finest Taiwan has to offer, this is easy to install and gives you the power you’re looking for.

The bearings in the mains and big end are of high quality. Plus the bottom end is good to go – no need for modifications.

You can just easily bolt it in and you’re ready for the road!

20mm Pumper Carburetor

One of the easiest 50cc scooter performance parts you can add that makes an instant difference.

You’ll get more horsepower instantaneously after putting one of these in. You’ll feel it the moment you hit the gas.

J & J High-Performance CDI and Coil Combo Pack

If you’re looking for power and speed, this is a must-have for your 50cc. Here’s why:

The coil brings up the voltage to 31,000 volts. The higher the voltage, the faster the fuel and air mixture combusts.

This gives you a clean and efficient way to boost your scooter.

Check out this quick video gives more details about the parts we’ve been talking about.

669-18-30 Bando Performance Drive Belt

Are you a habitual belt-breaker? No problem.

The Bando 669-18-30 can take anything you dish out. They’re made out of a material that’s close to Kevlar called Aramid cord.

It thrives in high-stress situations, keeps going even after putting tons of miles on it, and is dependable.

GY6-50 Stainless Performance Exhaust System

This is one of those 50cc scooter performance parts you can’t do without.

The GY6-50 delivers top-end power. The whole package comes with mounting hardware and headpipe.

Once you install this performance exhaust system, you’ll immediately notice a difference in the power. Plus you can get the custom sound of your dreams.

Looking for more 50cc Scooter Performance Parts?

No matter if you’re looking for an easy upgrade or to just make a minor repair, we know the parts you want.

We keep our ear to the ground for the very best in high-performance scooter parts that deliver.

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