Scooter Alarms (and Other Ways to Keep Your Scooter Secure)

Are you a motorized scooter owner who uses it to travel around town?

Over the years, these scooters have increased in popularity because they offer owners an efficient way to move around town safely.

“Part of it (the increase in popularity) is because when the price of gas went up, it was much more economical — you can get 80 to 100 miles a gallon,” said Oscar Hernandez of My Scooters and ATVs, according to Nationwide.

But in order to make the most of your scooter, you need to keep it safe and secure as you travel to different places.

Read on to learn more about scooter alarms and other ways to protect your scooter.

Buying a Scooter Alarm

A scooter alarm is an effective way to keep your motorized scooter safe and sound.

Like alarm systems for your home or vehicle, a scooter alarm has come a long way over the years. Today, many scooter alarms can be activated by motion sensors. They can also sound loudly when your scooter is off and tilted.

But these aren’t the only benefits to having a scooter alarm.

When they are set off, you can also receive a notification on your phone. This helps you to keep close tabs on your investment and react to an attempted theft if needed.

These alarms can also be had for under $200, which makes them appealing to scooter owners as an added security measure.

Check out this video, Gives some great tips in regards to scooter safety.


Lock Your Scooter Up

If you want to avoid purchasing a scooter alarm, a cheaper alternative is to lock your scooter up.

When you park your scooter, attach it to a large, immobile object. If the object you attach it your scooter to is too small, you risk your scooter being lifted up and over it.

This means avoiding objects like street signs and looking for street poles or other stationary, secure objects.

Also, be sure that you are using a heavy-duty lock and chain to maximize security. Otherwise, a well-prepared thief may be able to defeat your lock by using a pair of bolt cutters.

Engage a Steering Lock

Locking your scooter’s steering column can be an effective way to deter a would-be thief.

This is because when your steering column is locked, it makes your scooter hard to maneuver away from its location. A would-be thief would be forced to abandon taking your scooter or finding another way to defeat the locking device.

This obstacle for a thief may be enough for him or her to give up on taking your scooter altogether.

Using Scooter Alarms for Security

Scooter alarms are one way you can protect the investment you have made in your motorized scooter.

But if you are looking for other ways to do this, lock your scooter’s steering column and/or lock your scooter to a large, stationary object.

By making your scooter harder to take, you increase the chance that a thief will look for easier targets than yours.

What are some other ways that you have kept your scooter safe over the years?

Comment below to share some effective security measures you have made to protect your scooter.